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Learn The Principles Of Becoming A Sovereign Individual In The Digital World From The Minds Of 100% Battle Tested Entrepreneurs, Hustlers, and Businessmen.

Sovereign University?

Sovereign University Will Teach You How to Become Highly Useful & Be Financially Free Using The Power of the Internet

No matter who you are, where you are from and what you do now...The Principles of Reality are never going to change.

In order to “make” money, you have to learn a skill and sell it to people.

In order to learn a skill, you need the correct mindset that will allow you to recognize what is valuable and solve problems for people.

In order to solve problems, you must be able to see problems and think logically and rationally to go about solving them.

In order to solve problems, you must know how to learn and be able to learn fluidly and effectively. Learning is a skill like anything else.

In order to sell your skill, you need to have confidence in it and the ability to storytell your offer in the hands of the right people without fear of rejection.

At Sovereign University, you will learn the mindset, the paradigms, the skillsets and finally Strategies to put everything into place.

This is a level up to your THINKING more than anything else. This is 1st Principle, Model-based learning that will make you a more capable person. And ultimately a more successful one.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you have a sense of desire, one that many people have, but do not quite know how to articulate.


Why are so many people rebelling against the Modern World? Freedom.

We want to be free.

We don’t want to feel trapped by circumstance.

We don’t want to have to watch everything we say.

We don’t want to have to work hourly our whole life under the delusion of a retirement that we know does not even exist.

We don’t want to go from job to job and gig to gig, we want some reliability.

We want to THRIVE, and not just Survive.

Freedom is something that you cannot purchase, or “think into existence.”

The only way to create massive freedom is to be the master of your own universe.

And the benefits are endless…

  • Less stress
  • More meaning to the work that you do
  • More time to spend with family and loved ones
  • Work wherever you want
  • Create your own schedule, wake up when you want, travel when you want, workout when you want, the list goes on and on...
  • No more worrying about getting fired, getting replaced, student loans, not being able to provide for your family
  • The ability to focus on your health, workout more often, get better sleep, eat healthier food
  • Turning a passion into something profitable
  • Much, much more

"I absolutely love Sovereign University and find it a priceless resource because I am in the beginning stages of my online business. It’s worth every penny."

Zaid K. Dahhaj

Learn the Hard and Soft Skills to Become a Sovereign individual.

Who this for?

It is not for everyone, I’ll tell you that much.

This is for the people who are autodidactic, self driven, and want to stay ahead of the curve by Creating the curve.

Its for the people who are young, and don’t know if college is the right choice, and want to explore a better path of how to learn useful skills and create an income without going without going waist deep into debt while slagging through useless general education classes.

It’s for the people who have followed the “traditional” path of college and job, and realize that working for themselves in the digital economy has greater opportunity.

It’s for the individual who doesn’t know how to monetize his/her loyal following and wants to start profiting from his/her online presence.

It’s for those who recognize the future is changing, that being able to speak, write, persuade, listen, and storytelling are critical skills for every profession, and who don’t want to be left behind.

And yes, it is also for those that want to “make money online” and are not sure how to start or where to begin.

Sovereign University will teach you the Mindset the Paradigms, and the Skillsets to become self-made, self-paid, and free from the constraints of normal society.

How Sovereign University Works

When you join Sovereign University, you’ll immediately get access to incredible training from Battle Tested Entrepreneurs, Hustlers, and Businessmen.

Each class is based on the fundamentals of becoming highly useful & being financially free using The Power of the Internet.

What does it take to get there?




These are not magical formulas. They are not “secrets”. They are not easy to sell “Super Simple 7 Figure Strategies!!” or any of the other contrived garbage that’s used to sell courses and promises of riches.

Becoming a Sovereign Individual requires you to learn a new mindset, a new way of viewing the world and reality, and learning the hard and soft skills that can sell, leverage, promote, and use to create and become a Producer within a consumer economy.


You need to learn the “Why” behind the “How”, and the “What for” behind the what.

It goes beyond learning, it is a question of Becoming.

How do you Become a Sovereign individual?

How do you Become in control of your own destiny?

How do you stay ahead of the Curve in a constantly changing world?

The answer: You learn from those who have Become this themselves.

You learn by watching others.

And then you learn by DOING.

Everything we have just talked about, every idea that I have introduced to you, these are the motivations and intentions behind what we have created.

You'll also get exclusive access to

New podcasts with sovereign individuals

Additional educational content and skill building videos

Technical how-to videos to jumpstart and automate your business

Soft skills like being able to write, speak, listen, and learn, they have hard effects that can be weaponized online.

You’ve probably used Instagram, or facebook, or twitter. You’ve posted “content”

And you’ve never considered that the potential audience for content is INFINITE. (Paradigm)

You’ve not considered that the website you went of the local auto shop, someone had to build that website. (Skillset)

You’ve never learned the concept of creating something where the value increases with time. You’ve never learned how NOT to think like an employee. You’ve not done work where the value of the work exceeds the hour in which it was created. (Mindset)

You’ve not had to think creatively at all. You think in terms of a “job” and getting paid hourly, and not in terms of skillsets and talent stacks that scale up and have network effects.

I know you haven’t because I didn’t think that way either when I first started using the internet.

I wrote facebook posts for years, and never considered the value in writing articles, or recognized that value in that I could write well and people liked to read what I wrote.

I bought training education products, programs, ebooks from individuals, and never considered being one myself and how they became an educator that way to hundreds of thousands of people.

I made recommendations to people on what to read, and I knew nothing about affiliate marketing.

I was like everyone else, I consumed.

But then over time, I noticed the rise of people who produced. I paid more attention to my internet usage. I realized how vast the infrastructure of the digital world was. I realized the levels to it, and how at every level, there were people working and creating.

So my Mindset then gradually changed, and my paradigm shifted, and my skill set improved.

I learned how Soft skills like being able to write, speak, listen, and learn, they have “hard effects” that can be weaponized online

I realized how the vastness of the digital world made people more likely to trust INDIVIDUALS, not companies.

I realized that opportunity existed at every level of the system, but you had to be able to SEE it to know it existed.

When I made the decision to work “online” it wasn’t to make passive income, be a digital nomad, and live for cheap in Thailand or Bali.

It wasn’t to build a “7 figure business” or “8 figure business” and present myself as a digital god of SUCCESS.

My reasoning was simple: I did not want to work for someone else, I wanted total control over my work.

And I believed that my working for myself, being self-made and self-paid, with all the skillsets I’d learned, that created MORE opportunity and Freedom for me than anything else I could do.

I wanted to become a “Sovereign Individual”. Someone in complete control of their own destiny. A “business of one”.

I knew it could be done, because I had seen people do it. And I knew that as hard as I worked for others if I applied that same work ethic to myself, I would be a “success” after a few years.

I didn’t consider this a risk. I had Case Studied people for years online. I had watched many many many people do the exact same thing, and I was aware of the struggles and pitfalls.

In 2016, I started working for myself online, I had an email list of 0 people, a following of less than a thousand people on twitter, and I had zero sales revenue profit to speak of.

In 2018, I had 17,000 email subscribers, a following of Fifty thousand on twitter, and my sales were over $100,000 for my “business” of my being myself.

What did it take to get there?




You need to learn the “Why” behind the “How”, and the “What for” behind the what.

It goes beyond learning, it is a question of Becoming.

How do you Become a Sovereign individual?

How do you Become in control of your own destiny?

How do you stay ahead of the Curve in a constantly changing world?

The answer: You learn from those who have Become this themselves.

You learn by watching others.

And then you learn by DOING.

Everything we have just talked about, every idea that I have introduced to you, these are the motivations and intentions behind what we have created.

"A modern-day university that actually teaches something that can't be googled from mentors with actual real-world success at a much cheaper cost. Plenty of actionable advice that if taken will allow one to achieve true financial freedom."

Kai Jie Ong

The People Who Thrive will Be Self-Made and Self-Paid

Are You Prepared to Become one of them?

Reliable 9-5 Jobs are rapidly disappearing, the Gig Economy is Rising, and and the Best Jobs of the Future will be the Ones You Create for Yourself.

Facts: The Digital Economy is worth over $3 TRILLION dollars, and has been the fastest growing economic sector for the past 30 years.

In the year 2000, there were 738 million internet users. Today there are 3 Billion.
The Digital Economy uses a 1/10th of the World’s Electricity, a number that is expected to grow as more users come online.

The Digital Economy has grown into the Internet of things; your Apple Watch, the GPS system in your car, your phone with a multitude of apps that serve a nearly infinite number of functions.

Youtube and Amazon are the 2nd and 3rd largest search engines after Google. Over 1 billion people watch youtube videos every day. Over 2 billion individual sales took place on Amazon in 2018.

An estimated 1.92 billion people are expected to purchase something online in 2019 according to hostingfacts.com

They also estimate that 80 percent of Internet users in the U.S. are expected to make a purchase online in 2019.

The Internet has dramatically changed the way we interact, do business, and view the world.

The number of Billion dollar companies that exist almost exclusively “online” is too many to count. Uber, Paypal, Shopify, Pinterest, Instagram are ones you all likely know.

In the midst of all this, there are also people who have made a simple but profound observation.

The Internet is a GREAT place to work and do business in.

Every level of the internet, every website, every service, every portal, every sentence, every experience, a PERSON had to create that.

Just as there is a front end of the internet, there is also a backend. The lines of code that have been written for every single thing you’ve ever used online runs into the trillions and quintillions.

Many people have a mistaken impression that the internet simply exists as this sort of digital world separate from people, one that we use but have no connection.

The reality is that millions of people create an User Experience every day for billions of people. The producers produce for consumers.

And not only that, but the physical world has is merging with the digital world

"The the information you get from Sovereign University is incredibly valuable, and the asking price of $53 per month is very generous as far as I’m concerned. With regular content updates added, I’m convinced that this is all you need to start an online business or improve your existing one. I’m very excited for the future!"

Robin Witten

Learn From The Minds Of These Sovereign Individuals

Exclusive Interviews

When you join Sovereign University, you’ll immediately get access to incredible interviews from world-class experts such as:

Ed Latimore

Heavyweight boxer with a 13-1-1 record. Best-Selling Author and Speaker.

Alexander J.A Cortes

Trainer, Writer, Speaker. He teaches you the tools to optimize your life's performance.

Tanei Ricks

PhD chemist that used the Law of Attraction to go from broke & jobless to seeing the world.

Dennis Mangan

Microbioligist who teaches you how to eat right, get strong, live long, with science-based health and fitness.

Sahil Lavingia

Founder of Gumroad. Writer, painter, former Pinterest employee.

Arman Chowdhury

An artistic engineer storytelling his experiences with public speaking, social dynamics, EQ, creativity & level up mentality

Tanner Guzy

Author and Men's Style Coach. Teaches you how to dress better to command respect.

Jose Rosado

Creator, designer & web developer. Teaches you how to make money online even if you live in the middle of nowhere.

What You’ll Get

Sovereign University is your personal library and learning center created by Jose Rosado and Alexander Cortes.

The library will be in full video format and will be updated monthly.

Here is EXACTLY what you can expect to learn upon enrolling in Sovereign University:

  • The Mindset difference between the 20th century “American Dream” job model vs the 21st Century “Digital World” skill model.
  • How to understand society as progressing in cycles, and how to stay ahead of the curve by seeing the long effects of technology and learning the skills that take advantage of them
  • Becoming Autodidactic and learning how to Learn
  • Which “Soft Skills” have had effects, and what “Hard Skills” require soft persuasion to differentiate yourself on from the rest of the market
  • The fastest ways to make “easy money” online and start building your skillset
  • Why Storytelling is critical for developing your brand and business, and how to become a better storyteller
  • What metrics matter when starting an online business, and which ones do not
  • How to begin building relationships with people on any platform
  • How to create organic growth on any social platform, and why simple strategies trump complex ones
  • How to insulate yourself from online social justice mobs, and get out of the madhouse of worrying about people trying to ruin you because you defied the narrative
  • How to think in Models, Systems, and Goals, and how to overcome “small picture” thinking and think BIG
  • How to become financially successful and free, even without a 9-5 job or a college education
  • The hard reality of how to prioritize your time and not necessarily waste online through distraction and low leverage investments
  • How to create a working environment for “Deep Work” and be able to focus on command
  • How your business will evolve from earning tens to hundreds to thousands of dollars, and why “earning 7-8” figues is marketing hype that doesn't teach you much of anything
  • How marketing REALLY works on the level of psychology, and not stupid tricks to hard sell people or unethically convince them
  • Not to mention, every month we will be updating the courses with additional content.

Including but not limited to…

New podcasts/videos with sovereign individuals

Learn directly from people who have achieved financial independence and successfully built their own brands and companies and skill sets.

Additional educational content and skill building videos

Increase your skill stack and allow you to consistently attract bigger money making opportunities.

Technical how-to videos to jumpstart and automate your business

Everything from: creating your web pages, mailing list, paid ads, Twitter, and much more.

"Excited that someone is finally assembling the real experts that know what they're doing. It's not one person, it's not a screen share, and it's not theory. It's real people who have been there, done that, and have the real insights. Excited for what's to come!"

Justin Nava

This is an ongoing digital library that will grow for years and years and eventually cover everything from coding, to interviewing, all the way to doing your taxes.

All of our content is from tried and proven people who have gone from 0 to 100 and can speak to the groundwork of success.

We are not “success” entrepreneurs that are going to sell you on how you JUST GOTTA BELIEVE IN YOURSELF with rehashed content.

These are tried and proven lessons, principles, and models of knowledge that come from real-world experience.

We’re not pretending to be disgustingly rich and selling because you envy us.

Reality is that we are human, we’re grown men who wanted to be able to support ourselves, and our families, and we spent years going through our own learning curves to become “Solopreneurs” or whatever another cliched term.

The truth is that we’re everyday people who have created our own incomes by leveraging our skills and educating others.

We’ve experienced just how the digital economy gives you infinite leverage and opportunities.

And we realize that as simple as it sounds on paper, it is A LOT to learn. It took us years and years.

And we want to teach you so that it doesn’t take you a decade to sort yourself out. We want to show how to from 0 to 100 with minimal time wanted

So…what will Sovereign University do for you?

Meet Your Sovereign Hosts

Alexander J.A Cortes

My name is Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes. I am a personal trainer, dancer, writer, and solo entrepreneur.

My entire life, I have been enthralled by the power of the mind/body and the potential of human beings. My original career plan was only to be a ballet dancer, but after injury derailed that, I committed myself to the study of the body. In rehabilitating myself and working with others, I realized that the ultimate power is in the congruence of mentality and physicality.

If you can change your mind, you can change the story of your entire life.

Jose Rosado

I'm an author, creator, designer & web developer. I teach you how to make money online even if you live in the middle of nowhere.

Here's the deal, you don't need much to jumpstart your online business.

I truly believe that anyone can make an extra buck teaching others. And the Internet is the perfect medium to do so.

You can live the life that you desire by helping others achieve their dreams.

The Future will be Augmented Reality

This is already taking place today. Everything from restaurants to pest control to laundromats are realizing the necessity of having a digital profile and maintaining a digital presence.

We are using Digital reality to navigate the Real World.

We check Yelp for reviews, we google “most romantic hotels” and see what comes up, we get on Youtube to watch exercise videos, we ask friends on facebook if they know any good plumbers or handymen or real estate agents or personal trainers or dentists, so on and so forth.

Every day we use the internet to help us navigate our lives. We are surprised when a business or individual has no internet presence. It has almost become impossible NOT to have one.

This brings us us to the current reality.

"Some of the best, most actionable content available."

Rob Schannep

Working Anywhere in the World With A Laptop is Becoming the Future of Work

And everything that can be automated WILL be automated.

AI is gradually going to replace every monotonous, repetitive task job that exists. What will be left is highly skilled work, creative work, and individual work.

Already 43% of people in the United States work remotely.

50% of current jobs require being able to use a computer.

That is expected to increase to 80% this next decade.

The Digital World has become part of the fabric of our lives.

Let’s take a look at more statistics:

Over 4 million blog posts are published on the Internet every day. Over 500 million tweets are sent every day. And, over 5 billion Google searches are made every day.

These blogs, tweets and google searches are being created by people just like you and me to sell things to consumers across the entire globe.

The producers produce for consumers.

This brings us to a simple and common and extremely cliched question

“How can I make money online????”

At one time, I used to ask this question myself, as I thought the internet was this sort of magical digital world where people earned PASSIVE INCOME and had AUTOMATED business that somehow printed money for them on demand.

That was my old view, the cliched “how to make money online” paradigm that the internet is mystical magical.

Then I started working online, and I realized the simple truth that I am going to repeat again.

The Internet is simply Producers producing for Consumers/Users

The entire consumer and user experience of the digital world only exists because other people had to create ALL of the content, all the web pages, all of the functionalites, and come up with all the ideas.

Working “online” is no different than working in REAL LIFE. The only difference is the learning curve is vastly accelerated.

Working online, everything you do has the potential to “scale” that much more.

Scalability is what makes the internet so powerful.

In the physical world, a business is limited to its immediate geographic area. You wouldn’t drive 400 miles to look up the best information on how to clean wooden floors or to get ideas for renovating a room in your home.

Online, you can google “how to clean hardwood” floors, you’ll be spit back search results, and you can log onto Pinterest to get room ideas of what you want your renovated room to look like.

The Internet is a marketplace of Immediate ACCESS.

It is an information and knowledge and entertainment economy. Billions of people use to access information, to learn, to entertain themselves, and to order products and services that they want.

And every step of the way, someone had to write that information, publish it, and learn those skills to be able to write the articles and videos and tutorials to teach them.

They had to creatively think up and create that entertaining content and edit it and publish it to youtube or another learning platform

They had to set up the stores for that product, or design it themselves, and market it, get a website set up, get sales text made for that website, and then advertise to customers who WANT that product.

Again, we arrive at that same axiomatic observation,

Every website, every app, every piece of text, every pixel on the screen

SOMEONE created that and thought of it and put it together and made it happen

The digital world is a vast vast economy of endless creation/value

Yet how do the majority of people use it and think about it?


99% of people on social media are ENTIRELY consumers

They will never produce ANYTHING

The very idea of it is unfathomable

Yet everything they consume is produced by a “1%”

And there are no barriers to entry to become that 1%

"I am not one to go and just through around gushing reviews often, but the value I have received from Sovereign University is amazing and I want to be sure to give it the review it deserves. I recommend this to anyone who has an online business, is starting a business up, or even just thinking about starting one up in the future. Thanks, Jose, Alexander, and everyone else who has taken part of Sovereign U! I am excited to see where this goes in the future!"

Steven Russell

"What Am I Signing up For Exactly?"

Sovereign University is a learning platform dedicated to teaching you the mindset and skill sets to earn a living in the digital economy.

You’re signing up to learn about the art of earning money online, to say it simply.

Our approach is not getting rich quick schemes or how to turn a fast dollar.

We focus on the Beginner to Expert level skill sets, tools, and strategies.

We teach you how to turn a side hustle that supplements your income into launching a digital business with employees and scaling it.

There are MANY ways to work in the digital economy, but they all require learning the same hard skills and soft skills.

We teach you about them on Sovereign University.

Choose your plan

Turn Yourself Into a Sovereign Creator. Start creating your future today.

Monthly Subscription
$ 99
quarterly (3 months)
  • Save 33% (1 month free)
  • Unsubscribe anytime
  • +20 hours of video/audio content (forever growing)​
  • Hours of content added every month
  • Technical How-To Videos to Jumpstart Your Online Business
Limited time
Monthly Subscription
$ 53 Per Month
  • Unsubscribe anytime
  • +20 hours of video/audio content (forever growing)​
  • Hours of content added every month
  • Technical How-To Videos to Jumpstart Your Online Business


Sovereign University is a library of information in video and tutorial format. Learn everything necessary to create an online income. Walk through the door of financial freedom, locational freedom and freedom to choose how you would like to spend every single day for the rest of your life.

Lessons including but not limited to:

  • Developing a mindset and attitude that gives you a massive advantage when it comes to making money.
  • Learning in-demand skills that you can charge handsomely for as a freelancer.
  • The ins and outs of creating an online brand and profiting from it.
  • Guidance as you create an online business or businesses that you can operate from behind your computer screen.
  • How to create your own independence and become a sovereign individual.
  • Everything it takes to achieve financial freedom and live the lifestyle you know you deserve.
  • Living life on your own terms, creating your own schedule, setting your own priorities and enjoying health, wealth and happiness.

As well as monthly updates on everything from:

  • Learning more skillsets that will truly set you apart from the competition and allow you to charge higher prices for your services.
  • Podcasts and interviews with sovereign individuals who created their own financial freedom and success using the very same principles and skills we teach in Sovereign University.

All of this and more in an ever-expanding portal of information that will absolutely change your life for the better if you put your mind to it.

Alexander Cortes, a sovereign man who created his own freedom by building a personal brand on Twitter, creating offers to sell over his email list and marketing to the right audience.

Jose Rosado, a sovereign man living overseas who built a full-time income online as a freelance website designer and graphic designer. All while building a personal brand and creating valuable offers on topics from self-education to teaching others how to build courses.

Also, many other successful sovereign individuals that we will be bringing on to show you multiple perspectives on creating an online income.

Yes, you can google almost anything in the world and get an answer. However, the quality of those answers and the content provided is reflected by the price tag, which is obviously free. If you want to save yourself some valuable time and energy, it’s best to pay a fee to learn from people who have already done what you seek to accomplish and are proven experts on the subject at hand.

Nothing in life is 100%. However, if you take the time and put in the effort to follow the plan of action we lay out for you, your chance of success will rise significantly. Your best bet is to learn as much as you can from this program and put the information to work. If you do that, there is no reason you should not be able to achieve some measure of success.

Yes, you can pay a subscription cost of $44 ($53 after pre-sale ends) for month to month access.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at anytime if you feel like you have learned everything you need to know or are unsatisfied with the information inside.

You will be charged the monthly subscription fee for Sovereign University. You will not be able to get a refund, but you can cancel your subscription so you won’t be charged the following month.

Sign Me Up For Sovereign University With A Monthly Subscription Of Only $53.

Stay Tuned


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