Dennis Mangan teaches you how to eat right, get strong, live long, and win, with science-based health and fitness. 

Today he teaches you his strategies for building a brand around ebooks, courses, and facts.


Marketing on Twitter
[0:30] Has having 38,000+ followers helped you make money?
[0:49] How did you double your Twitter followers in a year?
[3:41] Dealing with trolls on Twitter
[4:25] Why your Tweeting style matters
[7:15] How do you monetize your followers?
[13:41] How do you provide value to your followers?
[18:00] Dennis’ strategy for dealing with differing opinions vs haters

Welcome to the Ebook World
[19:43] How Dennis created and publishes his first ebook
[22:30] Pricing your ebooks
[23:36] CreateSpace, Amazon’s not so secret weapon to sell your books.
[25:20] Gumroad, Dennis’s and Jose’s go-to platform.
[32:28] Amazon Kindle vs Gumroad

Courses & Other Marketing Strategies
[34:22] All about Teachable, the course platform
[38:24] Leveraging your Email list
[50:00] Offering Discounts?
[53:50] Balancing Sales with Spam
[55:00] Getting over your fear of selling
[57:00] More about Pricing & Discounts


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  1. Outstanding interview!
    Thank you Dennis and Jose!

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