1,000 True Fans


– Kevin Kelly pioneered this idea, and if you’re a creator, it’s your first major goal to reach with your business and following

– Your true fans are your most supportive fans, so pay attention to their feedback

– 1,000 True Fans is an example of the Power Law that rules over much of the internet. Once you recognize it, you’ll see it everywhere


Intro Into Affiliate Marketing

Major Lessons

1. Affiliate marketing is easy to break into because it’s someone else’s products/services

2. As your audience grows, people will naturally ask questions about what products/services you use, this makes affiliate marketing natural and easy

3. Your affiliate marketing should be congruent with your brand and personality. Otherwise it will feel like you are hard selling

4. People trust individuals more than institutions. What you recommend is more meaningful than any online search or review


More about Affiliate Marketing

How Alexander Cortes Got Started Working Online


1. The ability to communicate is a superpower 

2. If you produce consistently and produce quality, opportunities will eventually present themselves 

3. Putting yourself “out there” is REAL. You must post to where the people are 

4. Continuum of credibility-the more you create and the longer you work, the more your credibility increases. You cannot be inconsistent 

5. Patience, I wrote for 3 years before I finally “made money online”


Alexander Cortes’ Blueprint For Building A Powerful Email List

Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes’ a personal trainer, dancer, writer, and solo entrepreneur. His entire life, he has been enthralled by the power of the mind/body and the potential of human beings.

He built a free email list 3 years ago.

Today, he has nearly 19,000 subscribers.


Getting Started with Email Lists

[1:27] How can someone start building an email list?
[5:00] Why Alexander didn’t want to build an online business with an email list (at first)
[6:15] Why does every business need an email list?
[7:02] How does email marketing make selling easier?
[9:19] Alexander shares why email marketing is his preferred selling method over every other online sales tool
[13:00] What is so special about email marketing as a marketing and sales tool?

Building Email Lists
[14:10] How to pitch an email list
[15:00] How do you know what to write
[17:30] The Story-Selling Method
[19:25] Jose Rosado’s tips: How to tell good stories when English is not your first language
[20:42] Using Twitter to build your email list

Email Lists & Technology
[24:20] Making your email automatic with autoresponders
[30:40] How to leverage your “killer skills” in the future age of work
[31:37] Why you shouldn’t work harder in the future 
[32:41] Building your talent around one purpose

Email Marketing & Confidence
[38:20] What would you tell someone who is afraid of marketing
[38:30] Why any personality can leverage their talent and profit from a niche
[43:30] Dealing with online criticism

Email copywriting & Sales
[44:52] Using your emails to get more sales
[51:50] Alexander’s tips for email copywriting
[56:35] The minimum requirements you need to be an email marketer
[59:30] Trolling
[1:01:30] Do you ever go “full sales” mode?
[1:04:05] The cons of the “classical copywriting” technique
[1:07:30] How can you make people trust you in email?


Kyle Trouble Teaches You About Selling Physical Product Online

Kyle Trouble broke free of the 9-to-5 cycle with his niche sites. Now, he spends most of his attention on his  olive oil company (SeloOils).


[1:00] What skill do you need to create and sell a product as you have? 
[2:28] How do you negotiate with providers?
[5:17] Why did Kyle get into selling physical (as opposed to digital) products through his own business online?
[7:33] What would you say to people who are afraid to work with a partner?
[10:07] Have you hired people? How was the hiring process?
[12:27] You’ve sold physical and digital products. How do you feel about selling digital products?
[13:33] How do you deal with suppliers or vendors that mess up?
[16:16] What advice would you give to your 20-year old self?
[17:53] How do you build trust?
[19:53] Do you sell your products in other places besides your website?
[20:35] How do you approach buyers?
[22:27] If you had to start over, what 3 things would you continue and what would you stop?


Making Money While Traveling With Jake

Jake lives a life of adventure, makes money online, and hacks the mind – all while enjoying a lil’ rumba along the way. He travels all over Latin America, while making money with his niche sites and info-products.


Affiliate Marketing (3:35-13:05)
[3:53] How did you get started in affiliate marketing?
[5:45] How do you get started in affiliate marketing?
[7:31] What are some basic terms in affiliate marketing?
[8:04] How does one drive traffic?

Content Marketing (15:41-26:02)
[15:52] How can you make money writing?
[19:24] How do you combine SEO content writing & copywriting to make money?
[21:32] How do you find your target market?
[22:09] How would you define a niche?

Leveraging Experiences & Pain Points (26:03-41:37)
[26:40] Jake share his online failures
[30:50] What are highly profitable niches for you?
[34:02] What’s your pain point?

Skills & Trust (41:38-1:00:00)
[42:14] What skills does a beginner to start an online business?
[48:34] What is the #1 thing you need to make sales
[50:14] Jake shares how he developed trust in Jose and how that helped both of them
[57:04] Why you need to persist with a beginner’s mindset to gain money

Getting Better at Copywriting (1:00:42-1:29:04)
[01:03:44] Jake shares how he developed his copywriting skills
[01:05:55] The secret behind making money online as a beginner
[01:18:00] Why making money is about freedom
[01:22:00] How do you start building an email list for freedom


Du Teaches You How To Build a Powerful Brand

Du builds millennial brands and teaches people how to sell things online through content and storytelling.


What is branding?
[1:23] What is branding?
[2:31] What does branding mean in terms of e-commerce?
[4:00] Why branding Is more than a logo

Building a Business from Branding
[4:27] CASE STUDY: How Du turned a simple business idea into a profitable brand? 
[7:55] How does someone without branding knowledge use branding to grow their business
[9:32] CASE STUDY: Du shares how we would build a brand around Jose’s book
[10:58] Why you should start with a “market first” approach instead of just selling?

Work-Life Balance 
[13:00] How do you balance a full-time job and your side businesses?
[18:00] What skill should a person have during their “9-5 job” that can be applied to e-commerce?
[19:06] How do I learn the skill of persuasion or influence?

Getting Your Business Ready for Business
[21:11] CASE STUDY: How Du’s visit to over-priced coffee houses led to a profitable side business
[24:12] The barrier to starting a business is lower than ever
[24:56] The #1 key to selling anything online
[26:35] If I had only $1,000 to start a business, what should I do first to get started?

[26:19] Why persistence is the best predictor of success with your online business
[29:29] How to deal with failures
[31:15] The ONE thing needed to make money daily
[35:16] The misconceptions people have about online businesses
[36:51] How do you develop a strong and clear mindset?
[39:09] Du shares one of his online business flops 
[43:06] Were you scared to start an online business?
[44:55] Was there a place and time when you realized that you were going in the right direction with your business?

Getting Traffic
[49:00] How do you bring traffic to your businesses?
[51:03] Approximately how much do you spend on influencers to promote your brand?
[52:02] What other ways do you bring traffic?


Dropshipping and eCommerce with Scotty (aka James Holt)

Scotty (aka James Holt) is 20 years old who has made over $150k+ in Online Profits. He also helps his clients  grow their business to $3k/month.


Introducing Dropshipping (1:00-13:00)
[1:35] What is dropshipping?
[3:35] How can you combine copywriting and niche sites to make more money in dropshipping?
[7:10] How do you successfully market a product that customers crave?
[9:00] How do I find a profitable niche?

Online Research for Dropshipping (13:04-24:00)
[13:25] How do you find the pain points of your customer?
54[14:35] What is a marketing angle?
[19:14] How can you test your marketing angles with dropshipping?
[19:36] Scott shares his unique background in dropshipping and how that influences his dropshipping testing methods

Payments & Shipping (26:00-36:36)
[26:00] If you only had $1,000 to invest in dropshipping, how should you spend it?
[28:00] Potential problems with PayPal: Scott shares a potential problem that every dropshipper who uses PayPal might experience
[32:00] What are my shipping options?

Scaling Up Your Dropshipping Business (38:00-1:00:00)
[38:15] How do you scale your business?
[43:46] Can you automate the shipping process?
[44:07] Tips for using a virtual assistant to help you level up?
[54:00] What mindset do you need to have to level up?