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Learn The Tried and Proven Strategies that Two Internet Marketers Use To Create Profitable Online Businesses That Generate Real Money Every Day.

Dear friend,

Imagine working for weeks, months, or even years on your online business only to realize that you’ve made zero progress. 

You did all this work, but you got no results? 

Why risk being wrong (again) when you can learn the Smartcuts to creating an Online Biz that works for you while you sleep directly from two world-class marketers?

See, making money online is all about asking.

Asking the right people to put money inside your pocket.

However, you need to know whom to ask and how to ask.

Good news is that there are dumb-proof ways to learn about this.

Basically, if want to give a try to the “making money online” dance (or you crash and burned trying)…

If you want to be financially free and recession-proof…

If you want to have a location independent job (imagine working for yourself from a coconut-tree-flanked country with internet)…

If you want to work on your time while doing what you love…

And what to learn how to actually make enough money to spend it on stuff you like without feeling like crap afterwards…

Or maybe, you just want an extra income to tell your bank to screw itself and pay your debts…

Well, you’re in for the ride of you life.

Look, BUSINESS IS BUSINESS regardless of whether it’s online, or digital world.

At the end of the day, to make a profit in the digital world, you need THREE things:

1. An offer that appeals to a hungry market – you surely have something to offer, but don’t know how to offer it.

2. Traffic – real people clicking on your offers and dropping cash in your piggy bank.

3. Guts – developing a “Fuck you pay me because I have what you need” mentality that doesn’t trigger your clients in the process


Having access to theses secrets will open a world of money-making opportunities for you to pimp the hell out of your offers.

So, do you want to learn the gimmicks, quirks and shortcuts to doing business online? 

Want to discover them all (with no reserves – every single one)? 

If so, keep reading.

Why Is Online Biz Everybody’s Wet Dream? There’s A Simple Answer For That, Amigo.


You want to work for yourself.

You want to make F-you money. Or at least Freedom money. 

You want to send your boss to hell and your corporate leaders to some other cruel place.

But, yeah… fear is in your way. As opening a real-world business can be daunting. 

Not knowing where to start does that.

But here’s the thing.

Online Biz is not only SIMPLE, but EASY (once you unravel the insider’s secrets we’re going to hammer into your brain).

See, the cost of entry to Online Biz is embarrassingly low. 

The barriers to entry are almost nonexistent, and, make it easier than ever to scale about anything, which makes you More Money.

There has never been a time in history where you can make $1000 with a single tweet. Or $11K with a single email. Or make over six-figures a year typing words on a keyboard lying on a hammock in a Caribbean country where its summer all year long.

Here’s The Deal That Will Help You Build Your Sovereign Empire

We’ve created a Monthly Online Business Newsletter (on steroids… more on that in a while) which we’ve deemed:

Sovereign University 

What is it? It’s an online platform that teaches you how to make money online with 100% actionable advice.

(We like theory, but… taking action is what will help you make money)

See, some months back we had an idea. 

You’re already subscribed to some newsletters. Check! 

You’ve surely purchased someone’s online courses and webinars. Check!

You’ve listened to someone’s podcasts over the years. Check!

And you find value on all these formats. But, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. And they’ve always been separate products more or less. 

But what if you subscribed to a newsletter platform that provides you with all three? 

What if each month, you could log in and access the easiest-to-follow online business education available? 

Instead of paying for more courses, more newsletters, or signing up to a more webinars…

You’ll have them all in ONE place. 

Every month you’re subscribed to Sovereign University, you’ll get exclusive access to the Sovereign Trifecta.


What In God’s Heaven Is A Sovereign Trifecta?

Oh, the Sovereign Trifecta is our fancy way of naming the value-packed information you’ll get every month.
With every monthly issue you’ll get:
– Videos: Courses and How-tos that teaches you real-world instructions on how to make money online.
– Audio: in-depth podcasts and interviews where we analyze the topic from different perspectives and give you our best recommendations on it.
– Written Word: case study tactics in the form of emails series, long-form emails, short guides, checklists, worksheets.
“Will I really get all that?”
Yes, you’ll get our tricks, tactics and secrets in all three mediums (video, audio and written words) in one action-filled package every month covering one topic on online business.
A new course every month, a new written case study of business strategies, a new deep interview covering the best tactics of Online Biz? 


This is Sovereign University

Each monthly “issue” is a jam-packed update of packed actionable strategies from our actual businesses, interviews and case studies with other online entrepreneurs, and in some cases, will include templates, checklists, to-dos and spreadsheets, all designed to do one thing:
– Help you make you more money online.
Our goal is that every month you open up Sovereign University, and within a day use the information you learned to make back your monthly subscription 5X, 10X, 20X, 100X, and beyond. 

What to Expect From Our Monthly Updates

When you sign up, you get immediate access to that month’s newsletter, and future monthly newsletters from that point (while you’re subscribed, of course).

Every newsletter will be different from the other. But they will help you level up your Online Business.

With every issue, you’ll discover:

  • Easy-to-implement tactics that work in real life
  • The nitty-gritty about the reality of online business (straight from the mind of two accomplished internet marketers)
  • Technical know-how on how to use current technology to make quick, and enduring gains
  • Monthly Q&A. You’ll have exclusive access to a web form which you can use to send us your questions.

It’s More Than A Newsletter. It’s A Newsletter On Steroids.

Each months’s issue comes out on the 1st Week of Every Month.

That Means You MUST sign up BEFORE the 1st of the Month’s issue.

“Woah! Hold your horses… That’s a long time to wait… “

Yes it is, but…



Alexander’s How to Make Money Online This Month video Series

  • Why making money online is not a question of where is the money, but what is the problem you can solve, and who are the people that have them?
  • What are the three major skills that practically everyone in the online world pays?
  • Why expensive hobbies are the most untapped markets for monetization, and how to monetize yours
  • How to start making money in ONE day, with a no pressure offer that so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this before

Freelance Hero Course

  • Why being a Freelancer is the fastest (and nearly free) road to financial freedom online, and how to start thinking like one
  • The Mindset Of A Financially Free Freelancer, and what separates them from the “hobby” freelancer that never achieves freedom
  • The powerful “learn faster” tactics that Freelancers use to pick up new skills quickly
  • Demystifying “niche selection” and The Simplest Way To Select Your Niche
  • A Freelancer’s Highest ROI Activities, and the “low and No ROI” activities to avoid
  • 6 Persuasion Tricks Any Dummasahrock Person Can Use (+ real life examples)
  • The “Stupid” but brilliantly insight Market Research Methodology no one thinks to do, but gets you Into People’s Minds and what they want to be sold on
  • How to go from being “I’m scurred to sell”, to “Dollar Dollars Bills Y’all” Mindset of Selling Your Services
  • A bullet point, check the boxes checklist to creating your Offers
  • The Lazy Man’s Way To Finding Client

7 Days To Faster Learning Mini-course

  • The process to determine what is the most Powerful skill to learn that will build Your business (and not waste your time on low ROI skills)
  • Cutting through the noise: the mental model to filter out unnecessary information and determine the best resource for learning your powerful skill
  • How to overcome being Overwhelmed-The “lets make this easy” workflow that breaks your skill down into manageable chunks
  • Going from 0 to 1 (or 1-2)-Where to start your learning in order to progress quickly, regardless of whether you’re a total beginner or already have some experience in a skillset
  • The ONE productivity method that will ANNIHILATE your procrastination habits into oblivion
  • The #1 Challenge that keeps people from learning, and how to reverse that into a habit of loving to learn
  • My personal goal setting method that can enable you to build a talent stack, make money off multiple skills, and turn your learning into your own business
  • A closed fist does more damage than an open hand: why learning one thing always beats “skill schizophrenia” and multi-tasking

Write Your Ebook In 7 Days

  • How to captivate your audience (and gain a BIGGER audience) through finding the “perfect topic” that they’ve already been waiting for (and now you’re going to give it to them)
  • Overcoming the “wordcount” monster that your ebook needs to be a novel. Hint: Your audience wants their problem explained and solved, and that is WAY LESS words than you think
  • How to design an absolutely eyegasmic book cover with a simple checklist, even if you have zero instinct for design
  • Why authors that sell on Amazon are scraping for pennies, and the alternative but vastly better platform that you’ll actually make money on (and supports its creators)
  • How to pre-sell your ebook to potentially thousands of dollars in sales, before you’ve written a single word
  • Crafting a high converting sales page that makes your audience want to buy
  • The simple way to promote your ebook without spending on ads.

Jose Rosado's Unfuck Your Learning Ebook

  • Why the most effective ways to focus are the unusual and unheard of
  • How to use Visualization On Steroids to take advantage of your extensive memorization power.
  • Can you hack your way to Godlike focus? With a few steps, Yes you CAN
  • Retaining more information in LESS time; the smarter ways to study and remember that masterful learners use
  • Structured learning; the method for increasing learning efficiency that allows you to ADAPT to learning any subject
  • How to virtually destroy stress and anxiety while you learn
  • How learning actually works
  • The 3 things that you need to fix immediately to make learning a fulfilling enterprise
  • How to stop struggling and actually learn.
  • How to beat stress and anxiety down to a pulp.
  • The unfair learning techniques that schools and colleges will never tell you about.
  • How to slash your learning time in half and sill learn more than ever before.
  • How to prevent learning for weeks on end. Only to find out you were learning the wrong topics.
  • The quickest way to select your learning tools and materials.
  • The uncensored process behind my personal journey while learning to code.
  • The top books I recommend on the topic of rapid skill acquisition.
  • The exact 6-step process I’ve used for the last 10 years to learn anything.
  • The productivity techniques that could turn a monkey into a high-achieving, result-oriented learning machine

And that is just to get you started. There’s more. Much More. You will also get:

15 exclusive Exclusive Interviews

When you join Sovereign University, you’ll have immediate access to incredible interviews from world-class experts such as:

Ed Latimore on Writing To Earn Money

  • Ed’s Unmatched Principles Of Growing Your Twitter account
  • How Ed takes People Thru A Journey
  • Ed’s Guide For Writing For Money
  • A Writer’s Business Mindset that they must have
  • Make People’s Heart Bleed By Crafting Compelling Stories
  • Leading With Value To Create A Robust Business
  • Changing People’s Life With Emails

Alexander Cortes’ Blueprint For Building A Powerful Email List​

  • The mega reason every business needs an email list to build a sustainable business model in the 21st century
  • How to pitch an email list without feeling like a used car salesman
  • How to create “semi-passive” income and engagement by making your email automatic with autoresponders
  • Jose Rosado’s tips: How to tell good stories when English is not your first language
  • Afraid of marketing? Here is the best mindset advice we can give you
  • How to overcome the impostor syndrome and “feeling weird” about writing and selling through email

Tanei Ricks’ Formula To Jump From 9-to-5 To Online Business

  • How to develop a relatable approach to communication
  • How Tanei Twitter exposure exploded after he got involved with key influencers
  • Breaking the belief that your story isn’t unique enough to help someone
  • Pricing: Tanei explains how tailors different solutions for different price ranges
  • The most important skill in storytelling
  • What skills can you take from an online business into real life?

Making Money While Traveling With Nomadic Jake

  • How to get started in Affiliate marketing, his personal story that anyone getting started can relate to and learn from
  • Traffic, why it is the most important factor in sales, and how to drive traffic to your offers?
  • Can you really make money writing? Jake explains how he did it
  • A case study in profitable niches; where Jake makes the most money
  • Jakes skill recommendations for beginners to get started in online business
  • What is the #1 thing you need to make sales? The answer may surprise you
  • The reality of living the “dream life” of making money through traveling

Other Interviewees

Sahil Lavingia

Founder of Gumroad. Writer, painter, former Pinterest employee.

Arman Chowdhury

An artistic engineer storytelling his experiences with public speaking, social dynamics, EQ, creativity & level up mentality

Tanner Guzy

Author and Men's Style Coach. Teaches you how to dress better to command respect.

Dennis Mangan

Microbioligist who teaches you how to eat right, get strong, live long, with science-based health and fitness.

And 7 extra ones!

"Excited that someone is finally assembling the real experts that know what they're doing. It's not one person, it's not a screen share, and it's not theory. It's real people who have been there, done that, and have the real insights. Excited for what's to come!"

Justin Nava

You'll get ALL OF the above!

And Each month you’ll get a full issue consisting of videos, strategy and tactic case studies, and an audio lessons.

You can cancel at any time, but once you’ve canceled, you’ve canceled forever. 

That is why, before signing up, make sure you really want to learn from us. We won’t tolerate people unsubscribing, and then trying to sign up again.

This is not “sign up, download free stuff, cancel, haha now refund me!” kind of deal.
This is for serious people who want to build an online business, and LEARN from people who are legitimately selling, scaling, building, and passing along their knowledge.
If you cancel, you’re CANCELED. 
We’re practical people. We’re action takers. We want you to benefit IMMEDIATELY when you sign up. 

"The the information you get from Sovereign University is incredibly valuable, and the asking price of $53 per month is very generous as far as I’m concerned. With regular content updates added, I’m convinced that this is all you need to start an online business or improve your existing one. I’m very excited for the future!"

Robin Witten

Topics Covered on Sovereign University

While we’ll talk mostly about Online Business, we’ll also cover the following topics (but with the «making money online» filter):

  • Personal branding: create a power personal brand the market can trust
  • Copywriting: the no.1 skill to influence people to buy your offers using the written word
  • Email Marketing: the most powerful way to access people’s souls to persuade them to buy from you
  • Social Media Marketing: free and easy to use; make money with Twitter and Instagram.
  • Persuasion in a world where facts don’t matter: how to hijack people’s attention to get them interested in your offers
  • Info-Products Creation: learn how to create courses and ebooks even if you have a 9-to-5 job
  • Freelancing: the zero-cost way to not only practice your skills but also make extra money while doing it (ha!)
  • Tech Talk: software you can use to conquer Online Biz (how to be a prolific user of your software: email marketing, website, funnels, and more)

"The the information you get from Sovereign University is incredibly valuable, and the asking price of $53 per month is very generous as far as I’m concerned. With regular content updates added, I’m convinced that this is all you need to start an online business or improve your existing one. I’m very excited for the future!"

Robin Witten

Meet Your Sovereign Hosts

Alexander J.A Cortes

My name is Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes. I am a personal trainer, dancer, writer, and solo entrepreneur.

My entire life, I have been enthralled by the power of the mind/body and the potential of human beings. My original career plan was only to be a ballet dancer, but after injury derailed that, I committed myself to the study of the body. In rehabilitating myself and working with others, I realized that the ultimate power is in the congruence of mentality and physicality.

If you can change your mind, you can change the story of your entire life.

Jose Rosado

I'm an author, creator, designer & web developer. I teach you how to make money online even if you live in the middle of nowhere.

Here's the deal, you don't need much to jumpstart your online business.

I truly believe that anyone can make an extra buck teaching others. And the Internet is the perfect medium to do so.

You can live the life that you desire by helping others achieve their dreams.

Buy Today

Start creating your future now.

Monthly Subscription
$ 53 Per Month
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  • +20 hours of video/audio content (forever growing)​
  • Hours of content added every month
  • Technical How-To Videos to Jumpstart Your Online Business

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sovereign University?

Sovereign University is a library of information in video and tutorial format. Learn everything necessary to create an online income. Walk through the door of financial freedom, locational freedom and freedom to choose how you would like to spend every single day for the rest of your life.

Lessons including but not limited to:

  • Developing a mindset and attitude that gives you a massive advantage when it comes to making money.
  • Learning in-demand skills that you can charge handsomely for as a freelancer.
  • The ins and outs of creating an online brand and profiting from it.
  • Guidance as you create an online business or businesses that you can operate from behind your computer screen.
  • How to create your own independence and become a sovereign individual.
  • Everything it takes to achieve financial freedom and live the lifestyle you know you deserve.
  • Living life on your own terms, creating your own schedule, setting your own priorities and enjoying health, wealth and happiness.

As well as monthly updates on everything from:

  • Learning more skillsets that will truly set you apart from the competition and allow you to charge higher prices for your services.
  • Podcasts and interviews with sovereign individuals who created their own financial freedom and success using the very same principles and skills we teach in Sovereign University.

All of this and more in an ever-expanding portal of information that will absolutely change your life for the better if you put your mind to it.


Who will be teaching me?

Alexander Cortes, a sovereign man who created his own freedom by building a personal brand on Twitter, creating offers to sell over his email list and marketing to the right audience.

Jose Rosado, a sovereign man living overseas who built a full-time income online as a freelance website designer and graphic designer. All while building a personal brand and creating valuable offers on topics from self-education to teaching others how to build courses.

Also, many other successful sovereign individuals that we will be bringing on to show you multiple perspectives on creating an online income.


Is this actually going to work?

Nothing in life is 100%. However, if you take the time and put in the effort to follow the plan of action we lay out for you, your chance of success will rise significantly. Your best bet is to learn as much as you can from this program and put the information to work. If you do that, there is no reason you should not be able to achieve some measure of success.


Is this a monthly membership?

Yes, you can pay a subscription cost of $53 a month to month access.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time if you feel like you have learned everything you need to know or are unsatisfied with the information inside. Now, before signing up, make sure you really want to learn from us. We won’t tolerate people unsubscribing, and then trying to sign up again. If you cancel, we will blacklist you.


Can I refund my Sovereign University Subscription?

You will be charged the monthly subscription fee for Sovereign University. You will not be able to get a refund, but you can cancel your subscription so you won’t be charged the following month.

Sign Me Up For Sovereign University With A Monthly Subscription Of Only $53.

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